Application - Spring

POPS uses a single application for all leagues. Click HERE to open the application, or use the button below, then print and complete the application. Be sure to read and sign the waiver on page 2.

Fees. Player fees vary depending on where you live and how many POPS leagues you play in. For the Spring/Summer 2022 season -

  • The base fee for playing in POPS: Town of Hempstead Residents - $175; all others - $199.

  • Note: It is not permitted to play in two divisions in the same age-group league.

  • If you play in any 2 different age-group leagues (40, 50, 60 & Over, Combine), your fee for the older age-group league is reduced by $45.

Fees include: umpires fees, insurance, field permits, uniform shirts, softballs, and bases. You pay nothing more all year.

What To Do With Application. Typically, a team Manager collects applications from all his players and submits them together. However, if you are applying as an individual, and not as part of team, mail your application in with the appropriate fees to the address on the application.