POPS Philosophy: To provide a safe, friendly, and fun environment to play competitive softball, for all levels of play.

POPS Fields Status
Summer / Fall
Opening Day:
 Monday, May 3rd 2021

Field      Status
Baldwin Turf-ORANGE Closed for season
Bellmore JFK HSClosed for season
Bay Park TurfClosed for season
Eisenhower Park DClosed for season
Oceanside HSClosed for season
Shell Creek ParkClosed for season
Wantagh Park Turf C
Closed for season

* If there is a chance of rain... Check back to this site at around 4-5pm. POPS is not informed a decision by every field until 4-5pm. If no updates are given after 5pm- Contact your manager, as they will be the 1st to be informed once the parks make decisions about the fields. 

TBD = To Be Determined by the Parks. We have NO control over the availability of any field. This also means go to the park, if not updated by 6pm or later. The decision to play the game will be made at the field. 

Which Fields, What Days, What Times?

Below is a list of fields we play on with the times of games on those fields. Note that adjustments to days/times may be made on occasion during the season.

Field     Days Times
Oceanside HSMon - Fri7:15 -10:45
Baldwin ParkWeds & Thurs.8:00- 11:00
Bay Park TurfFriday7:00-8:30
Eisenhower Park
Field D
Thurs.7:00 -10:00
Shell Creek ParkThursday8:15 -10:45
Wantagh Park  Turf Field CMonday7:00-10:00
Bellmore JFK HSMon - Fri6:45- Dark

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2020 Championship Teams

For 2020 - 
1) ALL games will continue to be 9 innings
2) Legal BATS will only be ASA/USA Stamped bats. The ASA /USA list of bats NOT allowed - Illegal bats will be continued. See Rules & Bat list above. 
3) Playoffs will continue to be "single elimination" for all teams.
4) The POPS end of the year dinner was eliminated to keep costs down. 
5) There will only be NO All Star game this year. 
6) There are NO definitive divisions in any league. We are starting the season with basic divisions but each is subjective to change based on results.

NEW Players or Teams "looking to join" POPS Softball for 2020 contact the commish at:


2020-  Even though we have a later start to the season, we will play a full season that runs from July to the end of October. The schedules are now up on the TAB above.This is subjective to change IF we get Oceanside HS. So check this website weekly. 
* Everyone must follow the "Safety Guidelines" imposed by the N.Y State Dept. of Health. 

* Please note here: POPS will be having Field Supervisors attending games to ensure each player is following the Safety Guidelines imposed on our league. Additionally the Towns themselves will be sending down supervisors. If they see any team not following the guidelines that team will be suspended for their next game. If that team has a 2nd offense they will be suspended for the year. Umpires are also instructed to advise us if a team is not following all. 
This is NOT a political issue,  It is the rule. One imposed on our league that we have to follow to get the and keep the fields. Please do not ruin this for everyone.  If you feel you cannot follow it for whatever reason, POPS can respect that - but then you cannot be playing this year. 

*Every player had to sign a COVID -19 "Liability Waiver " form to allow them to play on each field.
If you have not done so-  check the above tab- COVID -19 Waiver, download it, print it and send it to the address on the link. 
** No uniforms were ordered this year due to lack of time. As a result the "fees for this year are reduced.
TOH players pays $160, NON -TOH pays $185
All credit for rainouts from 2019 will be applied for 2021. 

Unfortunately, due to field permits constraints POPS was forced to delay the start the New Combine league.  

Feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Spread the word, stay tuned, stay safe...Commish

Possibly starting in 2021, the POPS Combine League. This will be POPS Softballs highest skilled league. A mixture of half the team made up of players under 40 and half over 40. OR a whole team of the top skilled level 40+ players. Stay tuned- More to come. 

Commish Corner
UPDATED 1/10/2021

UPDATES- POPS is looking to secure new fields to accommodate the large demand of new teams and players. If you are interested in playing this year contact me, to ensure we secure enough fields for as many players as possible to play

  1) Due to the overwhelming demand from NEW players and teams,  applications are now up on this site. POPS will be looking to expand in all leagues in 2021. 

  2) As promised, due to the unusual amount of rainouts in 2019 a CREDIT will be given for each team that did not play their allocated number of games during that season. The credit will be distributed to each manager in 2021. The credit will only be given to returning players from 2019.
Your manager will be informed of the credit given to each team and pass it onto you. 
Congratulations to the following 2020 POPS CHAMPIONS:
40 & over- team Gregoretti
50 & over A division - team Devine
50 & over B division- team Spataro
50 & over C division- team Cohen 
60 & over - team Pastuch

10/15/20- The POPS Championships and our Season are now officially completed. Thank you to every one of you for following the criteria and safety guidelines, allowing us to play a full season without any occurrences or stoppage due to the pandemic. 

For me personally this year has been one of the most rewarding years I've had as Commissioner. The outpouring of appreciation
from players and wives has made us realize we did the correct thing in opening this season, when other leagues did not. POPS Softball allowed for some sort of normalcy.  It gave men a chance to get out for a night and enjoy everything POPS has to offer."It ain't just softball, it's a Brotherhood". 
I'm excited for next year. After the recent articles in Newsday and the Herald, POPS has been approached by 11 New teams looking to join us and over 40 players on next years waiting list. 

9/1/20- Every league in POPS Softball will be playing on some "NEW Fields" starting Sept. 1st. 

*Remember we still have NOT gotten Oceanside HS for this year. Instead we will be playing at:
1) Tuesday, September 1st we start using Shell Creek Park 3 nights per week. There is a single game start time 8:30pm for 50+ teams. There is a chance future games will be switched to a 7:00pm start. TBD. This is a permanent switch from Bay Park on Fridays, to Shell Creek on Tuesdays, starting this week. 
2) Wednesday, September 2nd, we have our usual double header at Shell Creek for 60+ league plus single game at Bay Park, 6:30-8:00pm
3) Thursday, September 3rd, we have our usual double headers at Shell Creek and at Eisenhower D,  as well as ...
We start the permanent switch too Wantagh A for a double header, for 50+ league, Due to losing Baldwin Park.
4) Starting September 7th the 40+ league moves to Wantagh A.

All these changes were due to losing Oceanside HS and because our permits ended by August like years past. We were fortunate enough to get additional fields for Sept. & Oct. to finish a full season. Playoffs will start late Sept early Oct. Divisions for the 50+ league will be formed after these next 4-5 weeks of league play. Every team makes the playoffs. Due to field constraints we will only have "single elimination" for the playoffs this year. 

Please continue with the great job on following the mandate of wearing masks in the dugouts between innings. I realize it's difficult but it beats loosing our permits or worse contracting the Pandemic and the consequences. 
7/28/20- UPDATED Highlights of the Safety guidelines: "Imposed by the fields:
1) "Social distancing” when not on the field is required. When in the dugout, or in between innings - Masks are required. 
1a) After a re-evaluation and being no players were sitting on the outfield foul lines- ”Foul Territory” is alive. .
2) Only the Catcher and Umpire must wear masks, while in the field.  
3) There can be NO Tag plays. Every play is a force play. 
4) Once you make an attempt to advance to the next base (except 1B) "In the Umpires Judgement", you must go to that base or be called out, This means NO Run downs. 
5) Unfortunately there will be NO hand shakes at the end of the game. No high fives. You may be creative and acknowledge the other team without any contact. Please leave the field immediately after the game. separately, to your cars. NO congregating after games. 
6) Fans must wear face masks.
7) At the managers meeting with umpires before games, taking the ground rules everyone must wear a mask.
8) Coaches at 1st & 3rd should also wear masks. 
9) BATS-  If a player wishes to “share” or borrow a bat, they should wear gloves on both hands and get permission from the player who owns the bat. *READ the above tab- COVID -19 Safety Guidelines