POPS Philosophy: To provide a safe, friendly, and fun environment to play competitive softball, for all levels of play.

Field Status
as of 
10/31 @11:59PM

Field Nights      Status
 Baldwin  Weds & Thurs Season
 Bellmore  Mon- Fri Season
 Cow  Meadow   Thurs Season
 Eisenhower   Mon & Thurs Season
 Oceanside  Mon - Fri Season OVER
 Shell Creek ThursSeason

* If there is a chance of rain... Check back to this site at around 4-5pm. Contact your manager, as they will be the 1st to be informed once the grounds crew or parks make decisions about the fields. 

TBD = To Be Determined by the Park or Grounds Crew.

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2015 Teams

2015 Action Shots

Commish Corner
UPDATED 11/4/15

Another great year in POPS Softball is completed. Thank you to all the Directors and Managers who do so much to make it happen. To our over 600 players -  I hope you enjoyed yourself and look forward to seeing  all of you next year.

* Registration for 2016 will start January 3rd. New teams are forming from within and new teams outside of POPS are welcome. 
* If you are interested in bringing a "new team" to play in POPS for 2016 or are an "individual" looking to join- contact the Commish at: commish@popsoftball.com

Congratulations to the 2015 POPS Scholarships Recipients: 
- Gavin Dowd, Nicole Burns, Cameron Warren, Sabrina Brody, Thomas Brody, Stephanie Steinberg, Jillian Dresher, Shelby Soodek, Christina Deblasio

Congratulations to 2015 the POPS Softball Champs:
40 & Over American (A) - Team Ferrante
40 & Over National (B) - Team Arm
40 & Over Central (C) - Team Realmuto

50 & Over American - Team Spataro
50 & Over National - Team Eisner
50 & Over Central - Team Maley

Congratulations to the 2015 POPS Fall Ball Champions :
40 & 50 American - Team Hughes
40 & 50 National: - Team Roth
60 & Over - Team Zimmerman

Thanks to your donations and the help of the POPS Charity game for 2015 ...we have donated thousands of dollars to "Families in Need" for the holiday season and gave out thousands in scholarships to HS graduating seniors. POPS Softball is so much more than just softball- we are committed to helping out the communities we play in.