POPS Philosophy:  To provide adult men a safe, friendly, and fun environment to play competitive softball, for all levels of play.

Field Status

Field Status

If there is a chance of rain... Check back to this site at around 4-5pm. Contact your manager, as they will be the 1st to be informed once final decisions are made about the fields. 

TBD = To Be Determined by the Park.

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Commish Corner 

Dr. Keith Pastuch
  UPDATED 6/12 /24

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POPS Softball is an organization that gives any monies left over to "Families in Need" in November and "Scholarships" to kids graduating high school in June.. POPS is now accepting applications to apply for scholarships. To apply, a kid must have a father who plays in the league. The deadline to apply is June 21st. f you have a kid who is graduating... email the commish at: commish@popsoftball.com 


Based on request of players and a survey of managers in the 50+ league, the POPS board voted to have two leagues.  A 7 inning & 9 inning league. 12 teams voted for 7 innings & 4 voted for 9 innings. Consequently, there will be 3 champions. One from the 9 inning league and two from the 7 inning league, where the league will be split up to form 2 divisions for the playoffs.  _____________________________________________________________________________________

GREAT News!!! It is offcial - Oceanside HS, our home field is getting TURF this fall. That means less rainouts, more room for makeups and a safer field for 2025. ___________________________________________________________________________________

It was great to see so many smiling faces. Men renewing friendships, having a night out, the competition and camraderie. Its what POPS Softball is all about. ___________________________________________________________________________________

Managers have picked up their teams uniforms, softballs and score books. We are ready to go. The schedules are now up on this website. Please note we are using our "sponsors names" for the schedules, scores and standings.  Check with your manager for your teams sponsors. 

POPS has almost 600 players this year who are playing in 3 leagues. The 40, 50 & 60+ leagues. I feel horrible we were unable to get the 3 teams and 67 players into our league from the waiting list. POPS will continue to try to get good fields to add these players next year. 

I'd like to "Welcome" the new teams and players to POPS Softball. You will find POPS is known as a "Brotherhood" where good competition, camaraderie and new freindships are the standard. ___________________________________________________________________________________

New Players or New Teams looking to join POPS Softball in 2024 can contact the Commish @ commish@popsoftball.com


Update-  POPS has gotten permission to add a "Port A Potty" at Oceanside HS.. It is placed behind the 1st base dugout, attached to the fence. Every manager has the combination of the lock and this will stay until after Fall Ball is completed. Please make sure to LOCK it when done. This means there are now facilities at every field we play on. 


"POPS is more than just softball, it's a Brotherhood". 


Check into this site every week for updates on POPS Softball

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Congratulations POPS 2023 Spring/Summer CHAMPIONS:

40 & over A division - team Hassett

50 & over A division - team Intrabartola

50 & over B division- team Faessler

50 & over C division- team Doyle

60 & over A division - team Cotto

60 & over B division - team Parulo


Congratulations POPS 2023 Fall Ball CHAMPIONS:

                      40 & over- team Hughes

50 & over - team Aversano/Hassett

                      60 & over - team Lane

Congrats to all the Father/Son teams on another great season

Special THANKS to the Fall Ball Commissioners: Andy Eisner and Howie Gallub, and Umpire in Chielf Hugh Kovitz for allowing me time to unwind, relax and recharge my batteries for a great seaon in 2023    


POPS Softball is a league that allocates any additional monies raised or left over to help others. We do so with "scholarships" to kids going to college and to helping "families in need" come the holidays. 

Congratulations  POPS 2023 Softball Scholarship Winners:

1) Oceanside HS MVP Softball Player & LASH Memorial winner:   Christina Vlahakis

2) Rick Holle Memorial- Ava Lombardo

3) Ed Cain Memorial - Robert Seltzberg

4) Scott Crohn Memorial - Ally Ashe

Each of these recipeints exccelled in their high school careers and POPS expects special things in their futures. 


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