POPS Philosophy: To provide a safe, friendly, and fun environment to play competitive softball, for all levels of play.

Field Status
A special THANKS to Mike Nathan, Don Lazina, Mark Brook and Frank Commuzie for their tireless work on our fields.
Thursday, June 21st  

Field      Status
 Baldwin Game ON
 Bellmore Game ON
 CowMeadowGame ON
 EisenhowerGame ON
 OceansideGame ON
 Shell CreekGame ON

* If there is a chance of rain... Check back to this site at around 4-5pm. Contact your manager, as they will be the 1st to be informed once the grounds crew or parks make decisions about the fields. 

TBD = To Be Determined by the Park or Grounds Crew.

Which Fields, What Days, What Times?

Below is a list of fields we play on with the times of games on those fields. Note that adjustments to days/times may be made on occasion during the season.

Field     Days Times
OceansideMon - Fri7:15 & 8:30
BaldwinWeds & Thurs.8:15 & 9:30
Cow MeadowThursday7:15
Field D
Mon & Thurs.7:00 & 8:15
Shell CreekThursday7:15 & 8:30
BellmoreMon - Fri6:45

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2016 End of Year Dinner

Commish Corner
UPDATED 6/13/17

The 6th week is in the books. The POPS BOD are carefully evaluating all teams.We are aware that we have an uneven "top heavy" group of teams in all 3 leagues from the 40, 50 to 60 leagues. It could take 10-12 weeks to determine and make sure there are fair, equitable and even # of teams in each division set up for the playoffs
FYI - Every B or C division team are ONLY playing an A or B division team once each thru the first 10 weeks. In those games there are handicaps to try even out the playing field. It is the only way to fairly evaluate which teams belong in which division. It was either that or pick one team to move up to the A division and play all year against them. Or have one team move down and they could dominate the whole division.
  Stay tuned and check in every week.

POPS Scholarships:
POPS had some excellent Scholarship candidates this year. We are pleased to announce the following recipients of the Scholarships:

Team Memorail Award
Recipient Team Memorial Award
Kelly Conway Conway Scott Krohn Memorial
Brendan Warren Smith Ed Cain Memorial
Sarah Umstadt Umstadt POPS Academic Award
Alyssa Mifsud Degroot POPS Scholar/ Athlete
Lindsey Rosen Cohen POPS Community Service 
Jason Levy Goldsheid POPS Directors Award
Michelle Steinberg Epstein Ronnie Gies Memorial
Michael Realmutto Realmutto Rick Holle Memorial
Rebecca Realmutto Realmutto Peggy Carlock Award
Jake Manyin Cohen Dave Kerner Memorial
Ethan Barnofsky Edelman Ed Corbettt Memorial

Congratulations and best of luck in all your future endeavors. 

 Bat List,There seems to be some confusion about the bats allowed in POPS Softball. Here is what our Rules states: POPS Bat Rule

The following bats are considered ILLEGAL (i.e., not permitted) - all other bats with an ASA stamp are permitted.

  • "Double Wall" bats, OR
  • Bats on the ASA Non-approved bat list - this list can be found on the Rules page of the POPS website
 This means every bat does NOT have to be stamped ASA approved. Umpires will be checking bats every game. If an illegal bat (shaved, rolled) or banned bat is being used the player will be removed from the game and suspended the next game. 

* If you are an individual or team looking to join POPS Softball, contact me at: commish@popsoftball.com

The Handicap Rule is in effect. Check the schedule to see which games are considered handicapped. 
* The handicapped teams can only score: 
a) 4 runs per inning for 40+ b) 5 runs for 50+ c) 6 runs for 60+ leagues. Except of course the last inning.