POPS Philosophy: To provide a safe, friendly, and fun environment to play competitive softball, for all levels of play.

POPS Fields Status
Thursday, July 29th 6:00pm

Field      Status
Baldwin Park-60+ORANGE 
Rained OUT
Bellmore JFK HS
Opening July 1st
Rained OUT     
Bay Park Turf
Finished July 1st
Closed for the year
Eisenhower Park DRained OUT 
Oceanside HS
Opens June 28th
Rained OUT 
Shell Creek Park
New Start times 7 & 8:30
Rained OUT 
Wantagh Park Turf C
Rained OUT 

* If there is a chance of rain... Check back to this site at around 4-5pm. POPS is not informed a decision by every field until 4-5pm. If no updates are given after 5pm- Contact your manager, as they will be the 1st to be informed once the parks make decisions about the fields. 

TBD = To Be Determined by the Parks. We have NO control over the availability of any field. This also means go to the park, if not updated by 6pm or later. The decision to play the game will be made at the field. 

Which Fields, What Days, What Times?
As of July 1st, 2021

Below is a list of fields we play on with the times of games on those fields. Note that adjustments to days/times may be made on occasion during the season.

Field     Days Times
Oceanside HSMon - Fri7:00- 10:30
Baldwin Park- Blue for
 & Orange for 60+Wednesdays
Weds & Thurs.8:15- 10:45
Bay Park Turf *FridayCLOSED
Eisenhower Park
Field D *
Thurs.6:30 -10:30
Shell Creek ParkMon./Wed./Thurs.7:00 -10:45
Wantagh Park  Turf
Field C
Bellmore JFK HSMon - Fri6:30- Dark

              * NEW times for this year

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2020 Championship Teams

Commish Corner
UPDATED 7/23/2021

UPDATES-  The POPS Playoff schedule is now up and official. It is double elimination. There will be NO changes. Every player must be prepared to play any night in case of rainouts, to ensure all leagues continue their brackets. There will however be NO conflicts with other leagues in POPS. Good luck and have fun

POPS FALL Ball league will be starting September 8th and play until the last week in October. Deadline for all applications is August 20th. Teams and individual players interested should contact the Commish. 
It is now official, we have started Monday, June 28th, where POPS will have back the Oceanside HS and then on July 1st the Bellmore JFK HS field permits. Additionally, we started on June 21st  with games at Shell Creek at 7:00 pm & 8:30. That now eliminates 9:30pm games and allows for 9 inning games at all fields. Enjoy the rest of the season. 
* Check on this site weekly for updates, field availability, scores and standings.
Congratulations POPS Scholarship Winners
LASH Memorial:  Carolyn Doyle
John Gresio Memorial:  Jordan Gluck
Rick Holle Memorial:  Tyler Cox
Ed Cain Memorial:  James Bodendorf
Stephen Klein Memorial:  Ryan Burke
Dave Kerner Memorial:  Cassandra Nochowitz

POPS Softball is a league that allocates any additional monies raised or left over to help others. We do so with "scholarships" to kids going to college, to helping "families in need" come the holidays. 
If any POPS player has a kid who is graduating high school this year and going to college, they are eligible for a scholarship. The deadline to apply in June 4th.
To apply for this scholarship contact the "Commish" at commish@popsoftbal.com 
GREAT News- We have gotten "Official" notification that POPS Softball will NOT have to wear masks at our games. The "No Tag" play is being eliminated and we are back to allowing run downs & tag plays. Hand shakes at the end of games are in order. Welcome back to the beginning of normalcy. Have fun out there and have another great season in POPS Softball. 

Thanks to all the POPS Managers and Directors, registration is complete. With over 560 players, 34 teams in 3 leagues, POPS Softball is officially full. 
* However, we are still taking additional players for the POPS waiting list, many of which we hope to get in.

This year POPS has expanded and will have 2 divisions in the 40+ & 60+ Over leaguesan A & B. In addition to 3 divisions in the 50+ league an A, B & C.
 Our season starts May 3rd. The schedules are now up on this website in a tab above.  Then check in weekly for updates, scores, standing and schedules. 

As promised, due to the unusual amount of rainouts in 2019 a CREDIT was given for each team that did not play their allocated number of games during that season. The credit was distributed to each manager in 2021. The credit will only be given to returning players from 2019.
Your manager will be informed of the credit given to each team and pass it onto you.