COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

POPS Softball Covid-19 Rules and Guidelines for the 2021 Season

The hope is that each player will be vaccinated before or soon after the season starts. That may allow us to eliminate or reduce some of the below guidelines.

Our goal is to start the season as safely as possible. POPS Softball will be taking all precautions to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Below are the guidelines we will have in place to start the season.

Remember: POPS’ primary concern is the health and welfare of players, officials and their families.


The various field authorities will be keeping an eye on us to ensure we comply with these safety guidelines. Therefore, POPS will be enforcing these guidelines so that we can continue to have access to the fields.

Any player or guest who refuses to follow the below safety guidelines will be ejected – for the good of POPS and everyone else at the field/park.

We appreciate your cooperation as we maintain the highest health and safety standards.

1) No Social Contact

·       There should be “no-contact” before, during or after games until further notice. This includes all physical contact and extends to customary game-related activities, such as umpire-manager introductions and post-game handshakes (“elbow bumps” are permitted).

·       Players will be expected to maintain social distancing before, during and after games.

·       Managers will be responsible for keeping any sick players or players in quarantine out of games and away from the fields.

·       Spectators will be required to maintain social distancing during games.

2) Dugout

·       Players are required to keep 6-feet apart and maintain that social distance while in, entering, and exiting dugouts. We encourage ALL players to wear masks when in the dugouts.

·       When one team leaves a dugout, the next team will need to wait until all players have exited before entering.

·       The team leaving the dugout should police the dugout and get rid of trash, especially empty drinking containers.

3) Precautions for Games

·       Directors and field supervisors are required to wear either masks or face shields. These will be worn during games to protect officials who have multiple contacts with managers and players.

·       It will be mandatory for umpires and catchers to wear a covering over their nose and mouth.

·       Gatherings of teams or players before or after games will need to follow social distancing guidelines (keeping 6 feet apart).

·       Runners must avoid contact at all costs.

·       To start the season - NO tag plays. Every play is a force play. This incorporates NO run downs. Once a player attempts to make it to the next base they must follow thru to that base. Or use the same line half way to the base as we do on 3rd base. The fielder only has to step on his base for the forced out. *This could be eliminated during the season if every player is vaccinated.