COVID-19 Safety Guidelines

The following safety guidelines for the COVID-19 virus have been imposed by the fields we play on and must be followed. 

It is each player's responsibility to follow these guidelines or risk suspension. 

  1. "Social distancing" when not on the field is required. Masks are required when in the dugout or when not in the field. 
  2. Only the catcher and umpire must wear masks while on the field. 
  3. There can be NO tag plays. Every play is a force play. Once you turn toward a base (except 1B) or attempt to advance, you must go to that base or be called out. This means NO rundowns.
  4. Unfortunately, there will be NO handshakes at the end of the game. Elbow bumps will be acceptable. Please leave the field immediately after the game separately - NO congregating after games.
  5. Fans must sit 6 feet apart or wear face masks if unable to sit 6 feet apart.
  6. If managers are called to meetings with umpires before games, everyone must were face masks at that meeting.
  7. Bats - If a player wishes to share or borrow a bat, they should wear gloves on both hands and get permission from the player who owns the bat.
  8. Each player should bring hand sanitizer to every game and use it when appropriate.